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Do we have the right Qualifications & Experience?
Anyone can say they can look after a pet, it really isn't a difficult job, cuddles, some food and water and a walk around the block. However the level of care is different and it's the smaller things that could turn into big things that only professionals can see.

We are professional veterinary nurses and animal industry personal, meaning we can provide a higher level of care to your fur-baby.

- Would someone notice the smaller things, like increased water intake enough to pick up early renal disease, or see the changes in your fur-babies voice/demeanour to recognise the risk of tick paralysis and know what treatment to seek?
- What if your fur-baby is on medication and the dose is incorrect, they have a reaction or a relapse, could your pet minder deal with the situation properly and effectively?
- How much experience in the animal world have they had? Are they new or have they been around for a number of years?
- Do they have testimonials or other clients you can speak to?
We can answer yes to all of this.

These are all things you need to consider when leaving your beloved fur-baby in someone's hands.
Do we have the right facilities, equipment & do we come to your home?
Ensuring your furbabies safety is just as important as their happiness, while you are away. It is important to check that the area they are staying is safe and secure, here are some things to look out for, that all our pet sitters can provide

- Our fencing is secure and stable.
- There room for them to run.
- Our yards and homes are clean and tidy, free of smells.
- We have undercover areas or shaded areas to rest.
- There is always plenty of water available and are our are bowls clean.
- There is always somewhere they can shelter from the weather.
- Of course there is plenty of clean bedding available to snooze in.
- Yes they can come inside our home.
- We will request to see your vaccination certificate and require flea/worm/tick prevention.
This will decrease any chances of diseases and parasites being spread.
Are we Police Checked?
- Yes we are police checked.
- Always trust your instinct and how your pet reacts to your sitter.
Do I need to bring my own Pet Food?
Yes please do bring your pets normal food. As a change in diet can cause gastro upsets (not fun for anyone)
Do we have the right care package for your pet?
Each fur-baby is different and has it's own needs, it's important to consider these when you are
selecting your pet minder.
- We can accommodate most if not all of your requests and needs.
- We will try to keep your fur-baby with its normal routine.
- If your fur-baby requires medication we can give this correctly, with the right dose and time.
- Our sitters are flexible and happy to keep you updated.
- Some of our sitters can accommodate fur-babies that need to be separated into different areas if need be.
Do we have testimonials & success stories from other customers?
This is a great thing to check out! Most businesses won't have bad reviews posted on their websites, so do your research, check out their Facebook, or other social media sites – are there reviews or comments on status' or photos? We have many 5 star reviews and are happy to share them with you. You can contact any of our clients and get a recommendation first hand. We are recommended by numerous vet clinics, community Facebook pages and pet loving people across Australia.
Are we insured?
Heaven forbid any mishaps happen, but what if they did? Most small, independent pet minders don't actually have any insurance, meaning if something did happen either the pet minder or yourself you have to pay for damages. These damages my not only be veterinary bills, but damage to third parties or property. We have insurance that covers pets in vehicles during transportation, veterinary care and third part just for that extra peace of mind.
Are you getting what you pay for?
You may ask why there is such a difference in price with some companies, the answer is simple, you get what you pay for. Kennels can have up to 50 animals in their care at any one time, so how much time will your furbaby get with a human and how much time do they spend out of their run? If you select someone to have your furbaby in their home chances are you will pay a little more, why?
Because it's likely your furbaby is the only one in their home at the time, meaning one on one care and LOADS of attention. If you are getting someone to visit in your home, there is the travel time consideration to be taken in, sometimes the carer will drive half an hour each way to visit and then spend 45mins with your furbaby, so nearly 2 hours of their time is taken by one visit, again there are only so many hours in a day to drive between jobs and in our case work too - most of us work in vet clinics as a nurse as well. Then there are overheads like above, insurance, and other goodies that they need to ensure your fur-baby is safe and happy.
Do we have a back up if anything were to go wrong?
Another big consideration, what if something happened to your pet sitter, does the business have a back up? Individual pet sitters generally don’t have a team of people they can rely on and if something popped up then your furbaby may not get the care they need. When you go with a pet minding company like us with more than one person you get the backup option, you know that someone will be able to care for your furbaby if your pet sitter becomes unwell, car breaks down or there is a family emergency.
How do I make a booking?
We encourage you to fill out the online booking form, the more information the better! Additionally, you can call us on 1800 PET SIT or 0420 264 216 (text is fine too) or via email We will endeavour to respond via phone within 12 hours to your enquiry. We will then arrange a time to meet with you and to meet your pet/s.
Do I need to leave my house key with my pet sitter?
It is your choice whether your leave a key on file. Sometimes adequate care can be provided for your pets from outside your home with side gate access only. Our aim is for you to feel completely at ease whilst you are away.
How secure is my key whilst away?
Your key will be tagged, clearly named and attached to a secure key carabiner. It will be stored securely and kept away from private details. We strongly recommend you provide a key at your initial interview. The pet sitter will arrange a secure place to leave the key for your return at the initial interview.
How do I pay First Class Pet Sitting?
You will find all payment details on your invoice. We accept payment by direct deposit or can arrange pay pal for credit cards (this has a small surcharge applied). Please note that unless exceptional circumstances exist, all accounts must be paid in full before you go away.
What happens if my pet gets sick whilst I am away?
We will immediately contact your preferred veterinarian. If out of hours we will contact the closest 24 hour emergency vet. Approval to contact the 24 hours emergency vet is fully explained in our Personal Service Agreement.
What if I want to book Christmas and Easter?
We are extremely busy over these periods and as you can imagine we book out in advance. We are only able to secure sitters 2months prior to these dates. We also require full payment the month before your booking.
How do I secure my booking?
To secure your booking once a pet sitter has been allocated, a 50% deposit is required.
Can I cancel my booking?
Yes of course you can. We do have a cancellation policy.
Date of Cancellation Percentage of Service Fee that is payable upon cancellation
- 0-48 hours prior to commencement date of any Service, whether during Peak Periods or Non-Peak Periods 100% (i.e. the entire Service Fee is required to be paid)
- Between 48 hours to 5 days prior to commencement date of any Service during Peak Periods or Non-Peak Periods 50% (i.e. 50% of the Service Fee is required to be paid)
- Between 5 days to 10 days prior to commencement date of any Service during Peak Periods or Non-Peak Periods 25% (i.e. 25% of the Service Fee is required to be paid)
Wedding Assistants on or before the date the provision of the Services was due to commence. Client agrees to pay 50% Deposit at the time the booking is made. The remaining amount must be paid one month prior to the service commencement date. Client agrees the cancellation fee can be taken from the deposit amount. (d) One (1) month notice or thirty-one (31) days notice is required for the cancellation of a pet wedding assistant booking. Any less than one (1) month notice or thirty-one (31) days notice will result in no refund of the total cost.