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Santa Paws Is Coming To Town – Safe Christmas with Pets

Santa Paws Is Coming To Town – Safe Christmas with Pets

Christmas is just around the corner and that means that you will have lots of fun things around the house! Things like tinsel, presents, baubles, yummy foods and of course lots of friends and family!   Sometimes this can be stressful and tempting for our pets at home!

Here are some tips to help keep your furbabies safe and happy!

Keep the Decorations Safe!
Some of these decorations look just like toys and well that means play time! Candy Cane anyone? What about that sparkly tinsel and lights? They make great things to try and chew on and that could mean choking, ingestion or even electrocution!  If you want your tree in one piece and your pet out of the vet ensure you place them at a safe height, the higher the better, otherwise fence of the area so your pet can’t reach.

Wrapping Gifts
We all know how hard this can be with the helping paw from a furry friend. Whilst wrapping gifts with them is always a ball of laughs, it can be risky too. Keep an eye on your pretty ribbons and wrappings as they can cause some tummy troubles if ingested.

Did someone say PARTY?!
It’s handy to take your dog for a walk before your guests arrive. This helps take some of the excitement and edge of them before they welcome your guests with a hi five and lick to the cheek! Make sure too that your Christmas food is safe and secure. Don’t forget to make sure your decorations are out of reach and time out zone is set up.

Time Out 
Make sure you have a safe and quiet place your pet can retreat too if they have had enough attention, love and pats from your party guests. Even the best of party animals need some time out.

OO those puppy dog eyes!
Don’t do it, don’t give in to the look of ‘but if you loved me you would share your juicy delicious ham with me’. Christmas food is potentially fatal for our pets and the look is just not worth the repercussions. Foods that are dangerous include

  • pork or other fatty meat
  • cooked bones
  • chocolate
  • avocado
  • alcohol
  • coffee
  • pudding
  • fruit cake
  • lollies
  • macadamia nuts.

Keep cam eye on the sneaky and crafty pets who love to plot ways of stealing bits when you aren’t looking.

Symptoms they have managed to get into something they shouldn’t have can include

  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • panting
  • breathing issues
  • twitching.

If you see any of these signs take your pet directly to the closest vet for treatment.  Read more about risky festive food here.

Santa Paws!
Make sure your pet is also visited by Santa! Buy them a new toy or even go on a treasure hunt. For a treasure hunt, hide some yummy treats around the yard for them to sniff out! Cook some doggy treats or even take them to their favorite park or beach! Why not get a photos with Santa?!

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