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Winter Is Coming – Arthritis in Pets

During the cooler months a lot of pawrents notice that their furbabies are a little slower than normal. Most simply put it down to old age. Especially those that are getting on. But what if we said that maybe it isn’t just old age and its something that you can help your furbaby with? Arthritis is a disease that is manageable for our babies and it is worse in winter.

Here are our tips on helping relieve the tenderness and especially during the cooler months!

Those love handles

Being overweight places more stress on your pet’s joints and cause inflammation within the joint, this can affect the progression of arthritis. Make sure your pet is the ideal weight, your vet can help you with a suitable diet too if there is love handles to loose.

Move It Move It

Exercise goes hand in hand with weight management but regular and controlled exercise, such as on lead walking and swimming, are great for pets. These exercises help keep the joints mobile and muscles strong. Swimming is a great way to loose weight and not place too much pressure on the joints.

Home Sweet Home

A warm, comfortable and supportive place to rest your paws after a big day can help ease the discomfort of arthritis. Trampoline bed with lots of padding is great or a purpose built mattress. Help your pet around the home with ramps instead of steps and jumping in and out of the car.

Doctor Doctor!

Vets are a great place for a regular checkup and chat about your pet’s overall health. They don’t have to be sick to visit! Your vet will have a range of options and solutions to suit your pet. Medications, weight loss programs, advise and alternatives are all at the hands of your pets doctor, after all they did spend 5 plus years studying!

Heading away this winter and want your furbaby to say somewhere cosy or in their own bed safe and sound? Book one of our amazing Aunties today.

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